Our Approach

The time has come for a new way of thinking about leadership in communications. At Double Forte, our holistic approach to integrated communications generates and simplifies an authentic exchange between people and the brands they value.

We offer a different point of view that unites the most appropriate programming and dynamic execution to help our clients architect and share their stories in a more compelling way. We do this through the most critical media outlets and influencers and directly to key audiences via digital channels.

From concept to design, to content creation and syndication, Double Forte provides comprehensive solution for digital, social, and traditional communications campaigns.


Our Team

Lee Caraher President

Michelle Curran Vice President

Bill Orr Chief Strategy Officer

Loretta Stevens Vice President

Liz O'Donnell Senior Vice President

Maggie Zeman Senior Vice President


We counsel our clients from the insider’s perspective. We’ve been in your shoes, so we know how to make it easy for you to work with us.

Our many years of internal experience translate to teams that ACT on your behalf with a sense of urgency.

We are nimble, capable of adjusting to our client’s patterns and NEVER think there is only one way of doing things.

Our processes and protocols translate directly into little time and effort to manage us. Yes, we are efficient and results oriented!

We effectively work both as a client’s in-house PR team working directly with CEOs and other leaders, and as extensions of small and large internal PR and marketing departments.


What You Say and How You Say it Matters
We love to figure out what to say and how to say it to be heard.

Laughter is Good
We take our work seriously… but not ourselves.

Rocks are Hard and Water is Wet
We face reality, adjust if needed, and move on to meet the goal.

Say it Out Loud
We are vocal with ourselves and our clients to ensure a great long term relationship.

We are Doers not Delegators
We enjoy rolling up our sleeves.

Reasonable Person Theory
We assume everyone is working in the interest of the common good.



Consumer Products

We work with leading lifestyle brands that people love…or will love soon!

Health & Wellness

Our team truly appreciates nutrition, health and wellness. We bring that passion to developing effective and successful marketing and PR campaigns for our clients.

B2B Tech & Services

We help grow technology businesses, whether you’re a startup or recognized company.

Food & Beverage

We create smart and savvy marketing programs that capture the attention of your culinary and spirit-enjoying customers.

Consumer Tech

We work with leaders in the technology, productivity and entertainment industries to create impactful digital experiences that connect people with technology.

Financial Services

We're comfortable working in the financial world and can deliver results while complying to regulations.

Wine & Spirits

The Barn Group, a division of Double Forte, makes a market difference for wineries, distilleries and artisan food companies by connecting real brands and real stories with audiences that matter most.

Mobile Devices & Apps

From apps to enabling technologies, we’re equally adept at extending the media and audience profiles of mobile movers.

Consulting Services

Whether you're trying to reach millennials or working mothers, build a content strategy or break into a new market, we can design a program to meet your needs

Sports & Fitness

We are well known for our work targeting consumer audiences for sports and fitness products and services.

Interactive Entertainment

Whether you’re an indie/start-up or larger established gaming company, we can launch your product and build your brands.

Start Ups

We help you shape a narrative that differentiates you from competitors so you achieve the visibility and leadership positioning that helps move your new business forward.


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