7 Rules for Following People on Social Media

September 29, 2015Digital

Do you think there’s no strategy to who you should follow on social media? Think again. The company we keep matters – in the real word and online. Here are some guidelines for who to follow on social media.  A follow reads like an implicit endorsement. If you’re an organic food company, don’t follow McDonalds. … Read More

Social Media Doesn’t Work: 5 Ways to Change That Fact

September 29, 2015Digital

“Social media doesn’t work.” We hear it all the time from prospects, and they are right. Social media doesn’t work – if you don’t use it. The  biggest naysayers of social media are the people and brands that don’t use it, or, the people who tried it but quit too soon to reap the rewards. So … Read More

How to Tell Your Startup Story

September 29, 2015Start Ups

Before a startup has a product, customers, revenue, or funding, it needs to have a story. Why does the company exist? What problem is it solving? What motivates the founder? Even after the first round of funding and the first sale, a story is a key asset for any new company. This week Double Forte cosponsored the SheStarts … Read More

Own It: 5 Tips for a Smart Owned Media Strategy

September 29, 2015Content Marketing, Digital

A recent Harvard Business Review article states, “If you want to truly be disruptive, it’s time to rethink owned media and make it a more strategic part of your marketing mix.” We couldn’t agree more. Unlike earned or paid media, or social (which many confuse with owned), owned media gives a brand control over its … Read More

Six Steps to Creating a Content Map

September 29, 2015Content Marketing

Most content creators understand the need for, and have mastered the development of, editorial calendars. They have outlined what content they are going to create when and they know to plan posts around major events – both internal and external – like corporate earnings, product launches and holidays. But too few creators have recognized the … Read More

9 Tips for Guests on Podcasts

September 29, 2015Content Marketing, Digital

If you are invited to be a guest on a podcast, may we suggest your answer be, “Yes.” Podcasts are a great way to reach an audience because people can listen to them on their own schedule. They are a great anchor for a content campaign; podcasters can add graphics and text to their show … Read More

Are Buyer Personas Really Useful?

September 29, 2015Content Marketing

So often we are asked if buyer personas are really useful. The answer is yes, and no. Developing a useful buyer persona is critical to an effective marketing program. After all, if you don’t know who your customer is then how in the world can you connect with them? But when your buyer personas are … Read More

What Would You Do If Failure Wasn’t An Option?

September 29, 2015Writing on the Wall

Written by Duncan Lowe All eyes were on Joe Kowalke, our senior account manager, as he stood in front of a semi-circle of Double Forte employees. “What would you do if failure wasn’t an option?” he said, repeating the question twice to emphasize its gravity. Every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Double Forte ends our internal … Read More