Announcing the Double Forte Podcast: Everything Speaks

July 26, 2016Content Marketing, Digital

              At Double Forte, we love podcasts. From Serial to  Cliff Ravenscraft, we can’t get enough. No really, we can’t. That’s why we decided to launch our own. We are thrilled to present, Everything Speaks, a podcast for millennials and young professionals looking for practical, actionable career advice. If … Read More

Social Media: The Algorithms Are A Changin’…

July 21, 2016Digital

By Sarah McDonough Social media platforms are constantly evolving 1) to stay technologically current 2) to stay interesting and 3) to earn more revenue. OK, I can’t prove the second one. It’s just my hunch as a skeptical PR pro because, let’s face it, these changes get covered in the news A LOT – everything … Read More

Signing Off in a World That’s Always On

July 11, 2016Communication, Writing on the Wall

By Lyndsey Besser We’ve heard it all before, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Without it, you’ll burn out and be of no use to yourself, your employer or your clients. But what does that actually look like in a 24/7 news-driven industry like public relations? How do you make sure you sign … Read More