11 Ways To Leverage Your Content

February 22, 2017Content Marketing

We’re preaching the power and importance of content this year at Double Forte. So we thought the least we could do is tell you how to make your content work hard for you. Her are 11 ways to leverage the heck out of your content. Start with a blog post. Most communications professionals have their … Read More

Business Lessons from Interrupting Chicken

February 15, 2017Communication

By Michelle Curran Interrupting Chicken is one of my all-time favorite books, not just to read to my kids, but in its overall message. Written by David Ezra Stein, it tells the tale of a beleaguered Papa Chicken attempting to read bedtime stories to “Chicken.” Persistent in his efforts to lull Chicken to sleep with … Read More

What A Start!

February 8, 2017Communication

by Bill Orr Well, January, that is how you start a year.  Of course, I’m not talking about glorious marches, celebrations, catches,  awards, and shows. I’m talking about the wonderful networking opportunities that have presented themselves in the first weeks of 2017. From the Consumer Electronics Show to the Fancy Food Show, opportunities abound to increase your … Read More

The President Tweeted Again…

February 1, 2017Content Marketing

Fear not. This is not a political message. This is a message about marketing and communications in a new era. All the rules have just been broken and we need a new plan. ASAP! So what? Now what? How do we as professional communicators go forward? How do brands navigate in a media landscape of … Read More