Go Live! 4 Tips for Broadcasting on Facebook

March 29, 2017Content Marketing, Digital

“If you’re not broadcasting live on Facebook in 2017, you are missing the beat.” This was our advice at the start of the new year because we know how difficult it is to break through the clutter on Facebook and we know that native videos get more organic reach than any other content. We also … Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Event Worthy of Your Brand

March 22, 2017Communication

by Liz O’Donnell Beyond publishing, in real life events are a reflection, of a brand and need to be planned accordingly. Here are 5 ways to make sure your event is worthy of your brand. Decide on your story. You’re not surprised we start with the message, are you? The message should be the launching … Read More

Please Talk About Politics at Work

March 15, 2017Communication

By Joe Kowalke All employees at Double Forte are now encouraged to speak freely and openly about politics at work. Consider this the new employee handbook rule. Go ahead and talk about religion, too. Please come out at work. Let’s speak honestly about our beliefs, ourselves, and build greater understanding and compassion. On March 3, … Read More

Here is to the BENCH players

March 8, 2017Communication

By Bill Orr With March Madness rushing towards us full-court press, it’s time to discuss the parallels between the importance of communications in the professional workplace and communications on the basketball court. And what better subject matter to use than that of the BENCH? Basketball serves as a great opportunity to examine high-pressure situations before, … Read More

This Is Not Fake News

March 1, 2017Content Marketing

We’ve been talking about the power of content marketing for a while now at Double Forte but recent events have us doubling down on just how important it is to have a smart content strategy – and to act on it. First, there’s the brouhaha over fake news. Regardless of whose accusations of #fakenews you … Read More