Spring is coming, bringing gentler weather and signs of growth and hope. (Really East Coast, it is!)
And I like to think the business community is experiencing a spring of sorts too. The seeds of enlightenment, awareness and change have been planted via movements like #MeToo and brave reporting, both by journalists and individuals, willing to shine a light on transgressions and inequality in the workplace in an effort to bring about a better business climate for all.

The PR Council, of which I serve as secretary, is committed to a more equal and welcoming workforce. Last year the organization launched the SheQuality initiative, designed to help women executives rise in the ranks of public relations agencies, by creating a consistent pipeline of strong female leaders, mentors and allies, to engender more women leaders, and to achieve equality in the top positions at PR firms of all sizes.

To mark the one-year anniversary of the program, the council is today launching the SHEQUALITY Podcast, with me as the inaugural host. Tune in as I interview senior women leaders in council member agencies to share their personal stories, challenges, achievements, advice and best practices. And let us know how you like it.