3 Tools To Aid In Generating Relevant Content

This is an overhead photo of construction tools isolated on white background. There is a level, nuts, ranch, screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, drillbit, plumber's wrench, rivet hole puncher, razor blade, pliers, measuring tool, and more.

Content, as we all know by now, is king. A smart content strategy pays dividends over time. That’s because content provides the context about who you are and what you offer – even before a customer experiences it for themselves. Content makes you easier to search and find, helps you break through the noise in a crowded marketplace, and assists you in building the authority you need to become a premium brand. Content is key.

Content also takes work. But how do you generate relevant, effective meaningful content on a consistent, sustainable basis, day after day, week after week, month after month? It starts with good and relevant ideas. So, to aid you in your content strategy, here are 3 tools to aid in generating relevant content.

  1. Headline Generators. Headline generators (several companies offer them but we like this one from SumoMe ) help you create highly clickable, high converting headlines. You can choose from tried and true formats like lists, mistakes or lessons learned. All you need is a topic and the headline generator helps you build the angle. For example, if I put the headline for this post (a standard list style) in the generator, it would also give me 3 Secrets To Generating Killer Content, Or 3 Content Ideas You’re Probably Missing.
  2. Days of observance lists. Observe your holidays. Hallmark days, as we like to call them, can be great content generators. How do your customers observe Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day? Create holiday-themed content just for them. What is on their mind during Back-to-School season or the start of Summer? And don’t just stick to the traditional. Think about other moments in time like the NBA Finals, the Olympics and harvest. Days of observance are also a great way to come up with content. You can find a great list here. Happy Drive-in Movie Day, by the way!
  3. Keyword Explorers. Use a keyword explorer like this one from Moz. These tools help you identify what people are searching for. Say you just manufactured a new shoe that is both stylish and comfortable. You can enter keywords like “comfortable stylish shoe” into the keyword generator and it will tell you how many searches are being conducted for “comfortable stylish shoes for work” and “comfortable stylish shoes for Europe” as well as “most comfortable stylish flats for walking.” And just like that, there are your next three blog posts or YouTube videos.

You wouldn’t build product without the right tools, would you? The same goes for your content strategy!