A Team of Global Wellness Facilitators with Remote Team Wellness’s Tarin Calmeyer

In this episode of On The Map podcast, your host Lee Caraher speaks with Tarin Calmeyer.

Tarin is a Virtual Corporate Wellness Specialist with Remote Team Wellness. Tarin has been a holistic wellness practitioner for over a decade. She explains that she didn’t love running a clinical practice, but she did have a passion for wellness consulting, especially in the hospitality industry, so that’s what she decided to pursue. After the pandemic started, she realized she needed to offer her services remotely. Throughout that process, she and her team realized that the corporate wellness space wasn’t very supportive of employees’ needs. Tarin then began calling upon other wellness facilitators globally in order to improve corporate wellness across the board. Once enough businesses began asking for her support, Tarin realized there was true business potential in her work. When they started, Remote Team Wellness offered four programs. After growing very quickly, they now offer fifty programs. 

Tarin and Lee discuss how Remote Team Wellness grew so exponentially. Tarin explains that when they started, they immediately began in the marketing trenches. They started their outreach on LinkedIn but needed to refine their target as they worked. It took time for them to realize that their ideal prospects were team leaders across various verticals. Tarin shares that they started their outreach by targeting executives, but quickly realized the right audience was the people who were more in touch with their teams on a daily basis. Remote Team Wellness’s client base has been built very organically, especially through strategic partnerships with other wellness groups and companies. A lot of their clientele has been built through these partnerships and collaborations, Tarin explains. 

Tarin and her team have also built a robust email list of around 5,000. Email is the way that prospects actually let you into their sphere, and combining email with strategic outreach is one of the ways that Remote Team Wellness has built their authority and influence. From the beginning, it has been their goal to improve the lives and wellness of employees within numerous corporate spaces. 

Lee and Tarin also discuss how you can build a business off of LinkedIn and strategic partnerships. This is the model that Remote Team Wellness followed, which has seen immense success for them. Lee stresses the importance of finding your true audience and refining that process as you learn. This, combined with carefully executed strategic partnerships, is how Tarin and her team began their business journey. This strategy is one of the ways that Remote Team Wellness grew so successfully and put itself ‘on the map’. 

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