For 20 years, we’ve been changing.

CHANGING THE GAME for our clients with communications programs that DRIVE SIGNIFICANT BUSINESS RESULTS. Changing the way we do business, from our humble roots crammed into a closet-sized office, to our team with flagship offices in San Francisco, New York and a new office in Western Wisconsin to serve our Midwest clients to a virtual, distributed team spread out across the country but connected via our shared set of values. Changing what we do from mostly intermediary-based PUBLIC RELATIONS to truly INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS that includes a mix of earned media, INFLUENCER MARKETING, CONTENT creation, curation and amplification including PODCASTING, culture-building INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS, and world-class ACTIVATIONS. And we will continue to change and innovate as our craft, our competencies, and most of all the world, changes and evolves.


The time has come for a new way of thinking about leadership in communications.

At Double Forte, our holistic approach to integrated communications generates and simplifies an authentic exchange between people and the brands they value.

We offer a different point of view that unites the most appropriate programming and dynamic execution to help our clients architect and share their stories in a more compelling way. We do this through the most critical media outlets and influencers and directly to key audiences via digital channels.

From concept to design, to content creation and syndication, Double Forte provides comprehensive solutions for digital, social, and traditional communications campaigns.


We believe your most important constituents are the people who work for you and with you. Our internal communications programs create critical TOUCHPOINTS for your team in ways that create radical CLARITY, build TRUST and help build positive CULTURES that propel a business forward.


At the core of any brand, any business are the people. Our recruiting program helps you attract, RECRUIT and RETAIN the right people that meet your talent needs and, align with your VALUES and your MISSION.


The definition of influence is “the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways.” However, the effect of influencers is indeed tangible.

Influencer marketing delivers 11X HIGHER ROI than other forms of digital marketing. That’s because a strong influencer marketing program delivers TRUST, AUTHENTICITY, AND DISTRIBUTION.

Research has shown that CONSUMERS TRUST INFLUENCERS more than they do brands. Influencers have earned the trust of their followers and therefore can invite the brands they work with into that circle of trust. And, at Double Forte, we only work with influencers who will earn your trust in turn.

In addition to trust, one of the most important brand attributes among today’s consumer is AUTHENTICITY. When you partner with an influencer who aligns with your brand ethos, they will interpret your message in a truly authentic way.

And finally, influencers have more EFFICIENT DISTRIBUTION MODELS than most brands. Large influencers bring with them a massive, loyal following, and smaller influencers have honed a targeted, relevant audience.

We curate a unique mix of influencers for every campaign we work on, by tapping into OUR EXTENSIVE NETWORK to find the right voice, audience, and delivery for your message.

Our work spans Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snap, blogs and podcasts. We find the right movers on the right medium to meet your goals.

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As STORYTELLERS for the brands we represent, we know that nothing carries the same credibility as EARNED MEDIA. Media relations is in our DNA. We understand how to craft and pitch your story to the right editorial outlets, at the right time, for impactful results.



Our content creation team, DF STUDIOS, is on the digital forefront of new formats and platforms. Whether your STORYTELLING STRATEGY of choice is digital, audio, visual, video, or the good old-fashioned written word, our CONTENT PROGRAMS help audiences know, trust, and engage with your brand.



A SMART SOCIAL STRATEGY allows you to talk to your consumer base and engage with them directly. Our social strategies helps you LISTEN, ENGAGE, RESPOND, and RELATE to the audiences that matter the most. From on-trend creative to paid promotion, our campaigns are designed for maximum impact on the most relevant platforms to reach your audience.



Podcasts are the new black, the new blog, and the fastest growing media format today. WE deliver the strategy and execution know-how to help you CREATE, PRODUCE, and PROMOTE your most compelling stories.

Focus is Your Friend Podcast

Everything Speaks Podcast

Focus is Your Friend Podcast

Millennial Minded Podcast


We value your values. Our corporate communications programs GUARANTEE YOUR RELEVANCE in a cluttered, noisy marketplace, PROTECT YOUR COMPANY CULTURE via every internal and external message you deliver, and MONITOR AND GUARD YOUR BRAND’S REPUTATION through small, micro interactions to bigger, all-eyes-on-you crises.


Once a rare occurrence, crises happen every day in this fast-paced, highly-connected world we live in. No matter the situation, we’ve got your back. From social media blunders to product recalls and beyond, we assess your risk and guide you through the appropriate response.


We serve our clients from an insider's perspective and we counsel from a diverse outside perspective, preventing insular thinking.

We ACT on your behalf, with a sense of urgency.

We are nimble, capable of adjusting to our clients’ patterns and never think there is only one way of doing things.

Our processes and protocols translate directly into little time and effort to manage us. Yes, we are efficient and results oriented!

We effectively work both as a client’s in-house PR team working directly with CEOs and other leaders, and as extensions of small and large internal PR and marketing departments.


Double Forte is committed to INCLUSION and DIVERSITY in all aspects of our organization. We believe our personal differences collectively make us STRONGER, allowing us to serve our clients and communities in the best way possible. While we believe our commitment to and our continual pursuit of an inclusive, belonging work environment is a strategic advantage, we work at it because it is the right thing to do. By honoring and celebrating our differences, building BRIDGES of understanding, and working together with active RESPECT, we hope to make a difference for our team, our clients, our industries, and our communities - helping good companies do great things.


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Senior Vice President
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