An Open Letter from a Press Release to Communications Professionals

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Dear Communications Professional:

They told you I was over, passé, a relic from marcomm departments of old. And for a while you believed them. “The press release is dead,” you boldly proclaimed, eager to be rid of those pesky wire fees. They were wrong. I am back baby and more meaningful than ever.

To what do I credit my surge in popularity? Noise. Chaos. Coronavirus. A presidential election. 2020.

Think about it. Two major stories have not only dominated the headlines in 2020, but have permeated every page, every section, every column and every blog there is: COVID-19 and the presidential election. And that’s not going to change any time soon; that’s only going to intensify. Meanwhile, publications are shuttering and journalists are losing their jobs at alarming rates.

In this wild media climate, marketers with a message must take matters into their own hands. Control the message. Own your story. Boost your SEO. Create an archived public record. How do you do that? Me: the press release. Of course nothing beats the credibility and value of a well-placed media story. I help with those too….

In the coming months, as the pandemic and politics collide, it may feel like a good time to go dark, but remember your customers still need what you have to offer – perhaps more so than ever. Useful products and services, good news, targeted offers – keep them coming. The media landscape may be challenging through the end of the year, correction: it will be challenging, but you own your message.


The Press Release

P.S. They once told you the blog was dead too. How wrong they were.