Wineries, winemakers, and wine professionals turn to TikTok

May 4, 2022Food & Bev

By Alexis Karis Recently, a friend and social media manager shared a TikTok video with me, as she does regularly when she sees content she thinks I will enjoy. This one really caught my attention – the video from #winetok, which has amassed over 158.3k views at the time of this writing, reviewed three top … Read More

Why Values Matter Now More Than Ever

March 30, 2022Consulting Services

With all that is happening and has happened in the world in the last few years, I am struck by the vital role declared and clear values play in all things business – all of the time. During the best of times, our values articulate the day-to-day behaviors that propel us forward in a (hopefully) … Read More

There’s No ‘I’ In Knee Surgery

March 16, 2022Communication, Uncategorized

By Maggie Zeman Recently, I experienced a great reminder about the critical role teams and company values play in everyday work life. I just joined the estimated 800,000 Americans who endure knee surgery each year. As common as the procedure is, sports injuries (any injury really) are painful, can be isolating at the least and … Read More

Why Context Is Queen

February 23, 2022Communication

Lately we’ve been talking about context at Double Forte. If content is king, then context is clearly queen. Your content needs context. Content is the what; context is the why. Context gives content meaning and helps audiences connect with your message. Without context a blog post is just words, a video just moving images. With context, they can become hope, a … Read More

The Super Bowl of Marketing Didn’t Disappoint

February 15, 2022Uncategorized

At Double Forte, we consider it our professional duty to watch the Superbowl…commercials. We’re marketers. We have to watch the big game (and eat wings) so we can get a handle on what’s hot and what’s not – and so we can write the obligatory PR firm blog post about it. And this year, this … Read More