Are Buyer Personas Really Useful?

September 29, 2015Content Marketing

So often we are asked if buyer personas are really useful. The answer is yes, and no. Developing a useful buyer persona is critical to an effective marketing program. After all, if you don’t know who your customer is then how in the world can you connect with them? But when your buyer personas are … Read More

What Would You Do If Failure Wasn’t An Option?

September 29, 2015Writing on the Wall

Written by Duncan Lowe All eyes were on Joe Kowalke, our senior account manager, as he stood in front of a semi-circle of Double Forte employees. “What would you do if failure wasn’t an option?” he said, repeating the question twice to emphasize its gravity. Every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Double Forte ends our internal … Read More

Build a Business Blogging Strategy: 9 Tips

August 14, 2015Uncategorized

A company’s blog, hosted on a its own website, is the heart of all its content marketing efforts. Publishing an article is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business leading to more sales, establishing you as a leading authority in the industry and giving you a chance to broaden your reach. Plus, … Read More

All the Annoying

August 12, 2015Uncategorized

I haz a sad. I haz all the sads. The way “social speak” is infiltrating our language so makes me crazy. Because, irritating. I so don’t understand how this happened. When did it become okay to put “so” in front of verbs? Annoying. All the annoying. It’s been a minute since you annoyed me Internet. … Read More