The Instagram Apocalypse: You Will Survive

April 1, 2016Digital, Mobile Devices & Apps

As you may have seen, earlier this month Instagram announced they will be testing an algorithm that will organize users’ feeds based on the content they believe users will care about the most. We want to be sure you have the correct information about Instagram’s algorithmic feed change, as well as offer a few recommendations … Read More

My name is William Taylor. And I am an introvert.

March 23, 2016Digital

My name is William Taylor. And I am an introvert. To be clear, I’m actually quite proud of being an introvert. My preference for solitude enables me to concentrate on certain tasks. And while I have no issue in being in large social settings, I take great pleasure in taking a step back and just … Read More

How to Engage with Bloggers

February 18, 2016Consumer Products, Food & Bev, Health & Wellness

By Lily Discher If you’re serious about getting your product into the hands, minds, and hearts of consumers, you have to get serious about getting your product into the hands and minds of bloggers, too. The best way to do that is to perfect the pitch. Here are 5 tips when working with influencers. Build … Read More

News: Double Forte Doubles Down on Fashion, E-Retail, Food and Technology

February 16, 2016Consumer Products, Consumer Tech, Digital

      Double Forte Doubles Down on Fashion, E-Retail, Food and Technology Mid-size Communications Firm Starts New Year with Major Boost in New Business SAN FRANCISCO, February 16, 2016 – Today Double Forte, a San Francisco-headquartered strategic communications and digital agency, announced the latest clients to join its roster. These companies span the fashion, … Read More

Liz O’Donnell: Don’t be a False Prophet in Your Advertising and Content [Podcast]

January 15, 2016Content Marketing, Digital, Uncategorized

Our very own Liz O’Donnell sits down with Pat Hiban to share her expertise on content management. If you’re interested in how to best leverage content for your brand, stream the podcast below! Topics Covered: The 5 Steps to content strategy creation. How to connect companies to people that matter to them. Importance of Authenticity, Frequency and Consistency. … Read More

Media Relations: No Swiping Left or Right

December 14, 2015Uncategorized

By Tricia Denci When building relationships with the media there is no app or easy swiping left or right on your phone to automate the process and allow you to become a resource for media. You have to slowly build a connection and trust based on a common interest. Then this connection can grow into … Read More

Who Cares About Your Content

November 30, 2015Uncategorized

By Joe Kowalke Did you see my eyes roll? No, of course, not. That’s because I only did it in my mind. I mentally roll my eyes whenever someone in business proclaims, “We need content!” I know, I know, it’s the PR and marketing industry’s word du jour. Now more than ever businesses are expected … Read More

How I Became the Office Spirit Stick

November 23, 2015Uncategorized

By David Blackburn Think back to your days in elementary school, maybe high school. I know it may seem like you’re pushing through a dusty attic of memories—some good, some bad. But see if you can find that box labeled “childhood emotions.” I’m sure it’s old and shoved in some dark corner of your subconscious. … Read More

Five Reasons You Should Consider Marketing to the Recreational Athlete

November 16, 2015Uncategorized

By Heather Hawkins Whether your brand is specifically targeted towards athletes, such as performance nutrition, gear or clothing, or just has an affinity with an active consumer segment, targeting active media and influencers is a great way to reach a highly engaged group of consumers. Here are five reasons you should consider marketing to recreational … Read More