Home Is Where the Network Is

April 18, 2018Career Insight

By Maggie Zeman At Double Forte, we often compare notes on best practices for networking. Several months ago, we tossed the 4Bs of Networking your way. Never have those tips been more useful then when I moved to New York City to run our east coast office. Don’t get me wrong – I love meeting … Read More

Sometimes, You Need To Wear A Suit

April 11, 2018Communication

Earlier this year, we sent a newsletter to clients and colleagues,  about the constant changes our industry continues to experience.  At the time, we were talking about major changes to the way Facebook ranks posts in someone’s feed, as well as new guidelines from the social media giant about what influencers could and couldn’t post. … Read More

Social Shakeups

April 3, 2018Digital, Marketing, Uncategorized

And just like that it’s April. The first quarter is behind us, we’re well into the groove of 2018, and its smooth sailing, right? If your brand maintains a presence on social media (which it should) this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past 90 days alone, we’ve been hit with so many … Read More

To Delete Facebook or Not To Delete Facebook, That Is the Question.

March 28, 2018Communication, Digital, Mobile Devices & Apps, Uncategorized

The Answer is Not. But Don’t Just Keep Doing The Same Thing. With Facebook in the crosshairs of consumers, investors, lawmakers, and marketers with the latest revelation that it had suspended the data analysis company Cambridge Analytica for allegedly harvesting data from more than 50 million users, the call to #DeleteFacebook seems to have reached … Read More

Weekly Round Up: March

March 21, 2018Communication, Weekly Round-up

Never has the adage ‘In Like A Lion, Out like A Lamb’ been more applicable than to March 2018, which has served up a roaring flurry of unique news stories and bizarre instances. Take something as simple as the weather for example. We’ve officially bid adieu to Winter and welcomed the first day of Spring … Read More

March 14, 2018Career Insight

Spring is coming, bringing gentler weather and signs of growth and hope. (Really East Coast, it is!) And I like to think the business community is experiencing a spring of sorts too. The seeds of enlightenment, awareness and change have been planted via movements like #MeToo and brave reporting, both by journalists and individuals, willing to … Read More

And The Winner Is…

March 7, 2018Brand Integration, Consumer Products, Marketing

The biggest winners from Sunday’s Academy Awards don’t even have SAG cards. They weren’t dressed in designer couture – didn’t even walk the red carpet, or give the camera a coy wink from their seats. No, in fact, they didn’t spend a single dime to be there, and still they left the ceremony rich with … Read More

The March of Women

February 28, 2018Communication, Marketing

It’s impossible to ignore the collective roar and rise of women lately, and there is no better time to acknowledge this ‘moment’ than now as we head into March, which brings us Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. This week alone, Double Forte’s social feeds have been chock full of gorgeous photos from the … Read More

Wheels up! Tips for Work Travel

February 22, 2018Career Insight, Uncategorized

At Double Forte, our employees (at all experience levels) travel a fair amount on behalf of our clients and for the agency itself; be it conferences, trade shows, networking engagements – the list goes on. I’ve had my share of successes and ‘oh shoot’ moments while traveling for business. Misplaced your computer charger on the … Read More

Weekly Round-up: Valentine’s Day Edition

February 14, 2018Uncategorized, Weekly Round-up

It’s likely you were still finishing up Thanksgiving leftovers when all things red, pink and glittery splattered their way across storefront windows. Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is a $18 billion industry – with people shelling out $2 billion alone on flowers. And, if you think the art of the written word is dead, think … Read More