5 Ways To Generate Creative Content Ideas

June 20, 2018Content Marketing

One of the core components of an effective content strategy is consistency. And to aid you in delivering a consistent content program, we recently shared some great tools for generating relevant content on a consistent basis. But another core component of a content program is creativity, and well, that’s a little more nebulous, isn’t it. … Read More

Brand Activations Key to Engagement

June 13, 2018Brand Integration

At Double Forte, we believe that the fastest path to long term loyalty and meaningful customer relationships is through a brand activation. That means events are more integral than ever before to an overall marketing strategy. Need some inspiration for your next brand activation? Check out these recent events we’ve been involved with: Happening now, E3. For … Read More

3 Tools To Aid In Generating Relevant Content

June 6, 2018Content Marketing

Content, as we all know by now, is king. A smart content strategy pays dividends over time. That’s because content provides the context about who you are and what you offer – even before a customer experiences it for themselves. Content makes you easier to search and find, helps you break through the noise in … Read More

11 Simple Rules of Podcast Guest Etiquette

May 24, 2018Uncategorized

Podcasts are the fastest growing media format. Listenership is up 11 percent in the last year with more Americans (42 million) tuning in to podcasts than going to the movies each week. If you’re not hosting your own show (and why aren’t you?), you should consider delivering your message and reaching your target audience as … Read More

Brands Are Meant To Be Experienced

May 16, 2018Brand Integration

Here at Double Forte we believe that brands are meant to be experienced, not merely observed. To that end, we’ve partnered with The Entertainment Software Association for 10 years, generating excitement and media attention around its high-profile computer and video games trade show, E3. And today we announced that we are working with entertainment power players Comedy … Read More

Own It! Why An Owned Media Strategy Is Critical

May 9, 2018Content Marketing

We hear, and talk, about social media, and the importance of a solid social strategy in order to reach the buyers that matter most. We know instinctively the value of earned media; if a trusted news source talks positively about us, it’s instant credibility. What we don’t discuss enough, is the power and value of … Read More

Are Content Maps Still Cool?

May 1, 2018Content Marketing

Is it just me or is nobody talking about content maps these days? Lately, everyone’s talking about your “brand story.” Sounds so cool, doesn’t it? According to the Content Marketing Institute, a brand story is, “the emotional narrative that expresses the vision and purpose of your organization.” Makes the concept of a content map feel … Read More

Home Is Where the Network Is

April 18, 2018Career Insight

By Maggie Zeman At Double Forte, we often compare notes on best practices for networking. Several months ago, we tossed the 4Bs of Networking your way. Never have those tips been more useful then when I moved to New York City to run our east coast office. Don’t get me wrong – I love meeting … Read More

Sometimes, You Need To Wear A Suit

April 11, 2018Communication

Earlier this year, we sent a newsletter to clients and colleagues,  about the constant changes our industry continues to experience.  At the time, we were talking about major changes to the way Facebook ranks posts in someone’s feed, as well as new guidelines from the social media giant about what influencers could and couldn’t post. … Read More

Social Shakeups

April 3, 2018Digital, Marketing, Uncategorized

And just like that it’s April. The first quarter is behind us, we’re well into the groove of 2018, and its smooth sailing, right? If your brand maintains a presence on social media (which it should) this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past 90 days alone, we’ve been hit with so many … Read More