Hosting and Planning Brand Events

5 Questions to Ask Before Hosting a Brand Event

Before jumping in and overspending on an event, consider these five questions to make sure your brand activation is as effective as possible.

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Tick Tock (no really, not Tiktok)

Why does it take so long to get results? If we had a nickel for every time a client asked us that question, we would have retired a long time ago. But why does public relations, and specifically media relations, take so long? How long until you can expect to see tangible results? The answer…

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Navigating the Modern Brand Ambassador Landscape: Five Steps to Success

Brand ambassador programs remain a potent tool for brand engagement, excitement, and outreach in 2023. Here are five crucial steps for running a successful brand ambassador program in the current landscape: 1. Select the right representatives for your brand: Your brand ambassadors should exude excitement, engagement, and possess comprehensive knowledge about your company. The selection…


Three PR Trends Shaping 2024’s Communication Landscape

By: Catherine Bormann As trend stories flood in, we’ve got you covered with the top game-changers in PR. No need to sift through countless articles – we did the homework for you. AI, data, and humor are the stars of the show, reshaping how we do PR. Below are three ways to ensure you’re not…

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