5 Strategies PR Pros Can Implement During Global Uncertainty

By: Catherine Bormann Let’s be honest, being a PR professional the last two years has been challenging. I liken it to walking a tightrope during a raging storm and each time we finally make it safely across we are met with a new storm and a skinnier rope. 2022 was supposed to be our new…


Why Context Is Queen

Lately we’ve been talking about context at Double Forte. If content is king, then context is clearly queen. Your content needs context. Content is the what; context is the why. Context gives content meaning and helps audiences connect with your message. Without context a blog post is just words, a video just moving images. With context, they can become hope, a…

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The Super Bowl of Marketing Didn’t Disappoint

At Double Forte, we consider it our professional duty to watch the Superbowl…commercials. We’re marketers. We have to watch the big game (and eat wings) so we can get a handle on what’s hot and what’s not – and so we can write the obligatory PR firm blog post about it. And this year, this…

3 Things to Know About Meta’s Biggest One-Day Market Decline

On February 3rd, Wall Street was deep in the red. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, made national headlines when its stock price dropped a stunning 26%, facing its worst day on the market since its IPO in 2012.  Meta’s quarterly earnings report indicated a major dip in profits for the tech conglomerate, raising concerns for…

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