Women, Wine and The Work We Do

One year after the United States locked down in an attempt to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the statistics about substance abuse and mental health are as staggering as the impact of the virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Americans have reported increased symptoms of anxiety disorder and depressive disorder as…

Overlapping silhouettes of Hands in a watercolour texture.

Accountability and Solidarity

Last Wednesday, I emailed our mailing list on our regular monthly schedule. I talked about  the hope we see with the coming of Spring, more vaccinations, and stimulus funds helping people in need. This was in stark contrast to the horrific shootings in the Atlanta area that took eight people’s lives at three different spas: six…


Instagram; The One-Upper Of Social Platforms

We have all experienced the sheer annoyance of the one-upper. You show up to work vulnerable, disheveled and exhausted; having been up all night with a screaming baby. The one-upper coworker quickly reminds you, “My twins had colic with acid reflux, and both screamed and puked for two years straight.” Maybe you were thrilled to…


No Damsels in Distress: The Aftermath of Framing Britney Spears

by Gabriel Muñoz In February 2008, film director Michael Moore shared his opinion on the world’s fascination with Britney Spears during an interview on Larry King Live: “Why don’t we just leave her alone, and let her just go on with her life?” Moore’s take was seen as sympathetic, especially at a time when the…

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