Mothers of 2020: What We Can Do Now To Stop The Slide

  By Emily Smith I often wonder about how we – we, the people, of 2020 – are ‘living history.’ I think about how my daughter will grow up and tell colleagues younger than herself, “I was born smack in the middle of THE Pandemic of 2020.” They’ll be polite and listen, maybe even throw…

man watching tv with capitol white house building USA presidential inauguration day celebration concept living room interior horizontal portrait vector illustration

Everything Speaks: Inauguration Edition

By Patricia Denci This past Wednesday, Americans were glued to their TV sets watching the inauguration of the 46th President of The United States, Joe Biden. Beyond the words of the presidential oath, the fashion and symbols used during the inauguration by the President, Vice President and attendees spoke volumes. As The New York Times…

Human Crowd Forming An Arrow Shape:  Social Media Concept

Why it took an assault on the Capitol for social media giants to wield their power and what it means for social media going forward

By Kelly Fallon January 6, 2021 was a very dark day in American history and will certainly be recorded that way in the history books. The assault on the Capitol by an angry mob of Trump supporters left much of the country, and even the world, reeling as to how a targeted riot could so…

Posterised Pop Art styled of the Capitol Building

The Game Has Changed…Again

Well, the game has changed…again. Following the shocking, violent events at the Capitol last week, we are once again walking into a new reality. (I refuse to accept the current state of the union as a new normal.) And the implications of that reality extend to what we do as leaders and communications professionals –…

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