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In This Epic Moment of Uncertainty, Trust You Know What To Do

After a relentless presidential campaign, a very late night, if not all-nighter, watching the state by state returns and listening to the pundits, we wake to a morning of uncertainty – perhaps the outcome we expected, but not the outcome we wanted. We’re exhausted by last night, by the COVID-19 pandemic, by 2020 in general,…


How the Power of Social Media Helped Bring the #FreeBritney Movement to the Forefront

by Gabriel Munoz In the years since Britney Spears first became a global pop icon, a lot has changed. In fact, the majority of her most iconic moments in pop culture occurred before social media was even a thing. In the early ‘00s, what became a “moment” or not, was dictated by the mainstream media.…

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Your Communications Checklist for 2021

One of the many business lessons we will take away from 2020, is the importance of owning, not only the message, but also, the medium. As we shared in,  “Politics, A Pandemic and PR: A Communications Point of  View for Late 2020,”  it is more important than ever that you manage your brand and connect to your…

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Learning from The Fly: Leveraging a Viral Moment

After last Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, there was one only topic that spawned countless tweets, memes and even merchandise. It wasn’t foreign policy, taxes or climate change. It was the fly. A black fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head and stayed for more than two minutes, capturing the nation’s attention. The fly received…

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