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Anatomy of an Overnight Success: Grind, Audience, Twitter, & Media

TL:DR /To concentrate on just one channel is a mistake.  One “advantage” of sheltering in place for the last six months is the countless hours of Tik Tok and YouTube videos the world has consumed, and then shared on Twitter, Instagram, and yes, even Facebook. Several overnight successes have popped off the small and large…

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Politics, A Pandemic and PR

You know those overused words from March and April that none of us ever want to hear again: uncertain and unprecedented? Well we have good news and bad news. The good news: as we head into the final months of this year: they no longer apply. The bad news: that’s because they will be woefully inadequate to describe what’s…

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An Open Letter from a Press Release to Communications Professionals

Dear Communications Professional: They told you I was over, passé, a relic from marcomm departments of old. And for a while you believed them. “The press release is dead,” you boldly proclaimed, eager to be rid of those pesky wire fees. They were wrong. I am back baby and more meaningful than ever. To what…


5 Tips to Combat Coronavirus Stress and Unwind for National Relaxation Day

Since its onset, the coronavirus has caused us to cancel countless plans and postpone milestone celebrations. It has disrupted our work and school routines and injected us with fear and anxiety. To say it’s been stressful is an understatement. So, how do we relax our minds and bodies amidst all of the chaos? Luckily, National…

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