What camping taught me about burnout

What Camping and COVID Taught Me About Burnout

At Double Forte, we are big believers in the value of a vacation. But with Covid-19 raging outside, there are very few places to go and things to do this year. So as the summer of 2020 approached, we at Double Forte started wondering: how can we get the R&R we know makes us better…

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Company Values: Your Best Defense Against Changing Environments

Adjusting brand strategies to rapidly changing environments has become commonplace for most companies these days. Since the onset of COVID-19, brands have had to shift quickly to determine best ways to stay top of mind with their customers. As communicators, we know to keep a watchful eye on our brands and the audiences who love…

Trend Report:

This is the final post inour Trend Report series. As part of our work identifying the 5 consumer trends for “the next normal,” as we all learn to live amid COVID-19, we noticed some very significant behaviors in the health and wellness category that marketers should take note of. We know the pandemic has impacted…

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Trend Report: Consumer Lifestyle

This post is part of our Trend Report series. Coming out of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Double Forte identified 15 consumer trends for “the next normal” across four major categories: Food & Beverage, Consumer Lifestyle, Wellness, and Work. We identified two distinct types consumers that will emerge post-pandemic: The Safe and Saves are…

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