A great event take planning. Double Forte's Guide to Creating Events That Matter  Credit: iStock

A Publicist’s Guide to Event Planning

There comes a time in every publicist’s life when you will need to plan an event. Whether it be a happy hour, a rooftop yoga class or a product launch party, events are an inevitable part of the job. Events can be tons of fun, but if you’re not the planning type the situation may…

Don't Use Bad News Cycles As Click Bait in Your Media Relations

Don’t Put A Hold On Media Relations: Pitch Smarter

On 9/11, when I worked for a different PR firm, I closed the offices I ran, with the speedy permission of my boss. I then went to my office to be there just in case a client or an employee needed my or our company’s attention.  I told the team to stay home on Wednesday…

The Wine Industry Is Shifting. Photo Credit: iStock

Wine Tariffs and Wellness and Hard Seltzer, Oh My!

At Double Forte, we work hard to stay current with industry changes and trends so we can be of the best service to our clients. Our wine team recently attended the Wine Market Council’s Wine Data 2020 to hear the low down on 2019 wine trends and what to expect for 2020. Wine Tastes Are…

Brands That Communicate clearly and transparently will win

4 Steps To Breaking Through With Transparent Communication

It’s no secret we live in a world where consumers are overwhelmed with the number of  choices they have almost every product category. With “substitutes and alternatives available at every turn,” it’s crucial that your brand stands out. Successful brands with longevity communicate with simple and transparent language why consumers should choose their option over…

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