What are the differences between wine pr and food pr

The Top 4 Differences Between Wine PR & Food PR

“We need PR” is a common phrase we hear from potential clients, but not all types of public relations are the same – wine PR and food PR are very different. There are intricacies specific to each industry, even within a category such as food and beverage. The devil is always in the details. It’s…

Planning Takes Discipline to do Fewer Things Really Well

3 Steps To 2020 Planning That Will Deliver

Planning season is in full swing at Double Forte and the 2020 plan ideas are flying thick and fast in all of our brainstorms and planning sessions. A new annual plan always starts with so much opportunity and optimism: “What if?!” and “We could…!” and “Imagine that…”  And then the hard part starts: deciding what…

Raise the Red Flag!

PR Problems Don’t Exist

As the CEO of a PR agency I’ve heard a variation of “we have  PR problems” a lot. And when someone calls to tell me that somebody or some company needs Double Forte’s help because they “have a PR problem,” I take a deep breath and hoist the big red flag at my desk.  Eventually…

Storytelling is not always the best way to deliver facts

Sometimes Facts Are Better Than Storytelling In Persuasion

Storytelling is all the rage – well it’s always been all the rage, witness Oedipus Rex ,The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Bible, Pride & Prejudice. As a business though, storytelling has come into vogue as the purpose of or method of communication, sometimes to the detriment of communicating.  Strong stories, that are simple, emotional, truthful,…

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