Every Company Needs a Media Kit

Yes, Virginia, You Still Need A Media Kit

“Media Kits are so linear and old school Lee, we don’t need one,” stated the PR manager who did a one-day boot camp with us to work through her company’s strategy, messaging, communication initiatives and plans for the year.  I gathered myself before responding. (Double Forte peeps have told me that I should never play…

5 Things To Remember For Good Influencer Campaigns

5 Strategies To Maximize Influencer Campaigns

When I first cut my teeth in the world of PR, large glossy print publications still reigned supreme, Instagram had yet to be created and RFPs and PR plans were absent of the word “influencer.” Flash forward 15+ years and enter the new frontier of public relations, where ‘celebrity spokesperson’ is a tactic of the…

3 Social Media tactics that will keep you relevant in 2020

3 Social Media Trends To Stay Relevant in 2020

We’ve combed through the many, many, many 2020 trend lists and pulled out our top three favorites to keep in mind as we look to finalize 2020 communications plans and strategies. While the meteoric rise of TikTok gets all the splashy coverage (shout out to Reese Witherspoon for bringing it mainstream), we’ve zeroed in on…

4 Key Steps to Becoming A Better Manager

O Captain! My Captain! Becoming a Better Manager

O Captain! My Captain! Walt Whitman’s famous elegy poem was a nod to the death of Abraham Lincoln. Fun Fact: Whitman never met Lincoln, but was so inspired by his leadership, he felt compelled to honor him. Why does this matter and how does it apply at work as a manager of people or projects?…

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