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The Irrefutable Power of Data in Media Relations

Today’s media landscape has become increasingly complex—its purview stretched to include social media and trusted influencers, its transparency clouded by sponsored media, and its authenticity called into question by biased reporting. The sheer volume of information available daily is overwhelming and confusing to navigate, making it more and more difficult to reach the audiences that…

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Embracing Change: The Wine Industry’s Guide to Connecting with Gen Z

By Ana Cahuas In an industry rooted in tradition, Gen Z is shaking up the vines. With a proclivity for the new and novel, this generation will force the way vintners, distributors, and marketers approach the wine aisle in order to survive.  We’ve discussed the need for demonstrating empathy to reach younger target wine consumers,…

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Why Genuine Media Relationships Are More Important Than Ever

As public relations professionals, a major part of our work is to build relationships with journalists on behalf of our clients. However, this is only part of the story. Rather than thinking of these relationships as client-centric, we should be thinking of them as journalist-centric. Better put, the relationships we build with journalists should not…


Three Easy Tips for Maximizing Your Media Outreach

By Lauren Trieschmann We’re going to start by stating the obvious: Media relations is an integral part of a successful public relations strategy. Most PR professionals engage in some form of media outreach daily, whether it’s sending a quick check-in note to a writer, distributing a press release to hundreds of contacts, or anything in…

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