Profit, People and Purpose: How CEOs and Companies Can Be Their Most Authentic Self in the Transparent Age

Abortion rights. Climate change. Banned books. Discrimination. Gun control. LGBTQIA+ issues. Within the last five years, we’ve witnessed CEOs and their companies pushed (or be pushed) to take a stand on social issues like never before.  According to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report, 82 and 80 percent of employees expect CEOs to speak…

People using search box for query, engine giving result. Vector illustration for SEO work, SERP, online promotion, content marketing concept

The Power of Owned Media: Increasing SEO & Reaching Your Target Audience

By Mollie Leal According to a report by Visual Objects, 76 percent of consumers look for a company’s online presence before visiting in-person. Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to optimize their online presence to reach potential customers. This post will help unlock the power of owned media to strengthen search engine optimization…

SEO and Public Relations work together.

SEO & PR: Let’s Link Up

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be augmented with successful digital Public Relations (PR) campaigns.


Some thoughts on thought leadership

by Lee Caraher I’ve had so many people ask me about thought leadership lately, I thought I’d share my thoughts here (see what I did there?). 1.  What exactly is thought leadership? A thought leader is an  expert whose opinion is sought after by others on a specific topic. Thought leaders possess a wealth of expertise and…

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