Holiday Card[1]

Happy Holidays!

The coast-to-coast Double Forte family sends you our warm wishes for a joyful holiday season and fabulous and peaceful new year! And if you’re planning any time of at the end of the year, listen to the latest episode of our podcast Millennial Minded to hear how to sign off in style. We even offer…


Should Social and Media Split Up?

In advance of a major redesign of Snapchat, Evan Speigel, CEO of Snap, published what some are calling a “blistering” op-ed on Axios about social media. More specifically, Spiegel takes on “social media fueled fake news” and says algorithms that serve up content based on what your friends like is the problem. He writes, “The…


5 Social Media Tips and Tools We Are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for – mainly our inspiring clients and hardworking colleagues. But you knew that, right? So to keep it fresh around here, we thought we’d tell you what social media tips and tools we’re thankful for too. Polls on Instagram. It’s super easy! Once you take a photo on…

Communicating in the Office: Do’s and Don’ts

When does communicating become over communicating? In our business, we tend to err on the side of sharing information, but how do you decide what to, and not to, share at work. It’s a fine line. Here, at Double Forte we share a lot! “Team, don’t forget I’m out for a dentist appointment next week; I’ll…

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