A top view of an apple pie with a slice removed on a white background.  The flaky, golden crust invites the viewer to reminisce.  The pie sits in a foil tin with one slice taken out leaving behind traces of the pie.  Pie filling just barely oozes out of the edges, leaving one to wonder who took the slice?

In Praise of Plain Speech

Is it just me or is everyone triangulating lately? At work, on the train, in a volunteer meeting, people want to triangulate. “Maybe we should triangulate.” “Let’s triangulate.” “If it helps you triangulate…” It doesn’t. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of triangulate is to survey, map, or determine by triangulation to give triangular form to…


We Have A New Podcast!

We’re very excited to tell you we’ve launched a new podcast, Millennial Minded – it’s everything you wanted to know about work and career that you were afraid to ask. We noticed that a lot of college courses today don’t really prepare students for the realities of work life. That’s where we come in! Every week, we bring you straight…


Moving and Shaking

As you know, we don’t sit still around here. Since rolling out our new brand identity and website, we’ve had a lot going on. First, we’re pleased to announce that our marketing-focused podcast, Focus Is your Friend, was named one of  9 Binge-Worthy Podcasts by Inc. Magazine. And speaking of podcasts…well, you’re going to have…


California Fires: How To Help

Our hearts and minds are with our friends, clients and family members affected by the wildfires in our beautiful wine country. Thank you to all of the emergency officials and volunteers who are working day and night to protect and support this community. Click here for  information on how you can help those affected. And…

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