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Communication Strategies in a Post-Truth Era

We are living and working in a post-truth era. What does that mean? The proliferation of fake stories and fake news sites are at an all time high. The term “alternative facts” is an actual thing and we’ll say anything not to use the word lie. We live in a world where social media has…

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13 Trends That Will Disrupt Communications

We know this to be true: nothing has changed more in the last 15 years than the how we deliver a message. Still, the message, regardless of the medium, is the key point. But what’s to come? What’s the future of communication in the next decade, and how can we, as communicators, be effective in…


5 Steps to a Successful Rebrand

Rebranding a company or an organization is a big deal. Why? Well, for a whole host of reasons. It means change, which is always a challenge. It should be grounded in strategy. And It requires excellent execution. A new brand doesn’t just mean creating a new logo or tagline – launching a new brand identity…


Fifteen and Fortified: Double Forte Celebrates 15 Years with Brand Recharge

By Lee Caraher When I started Double Forte 15 years ago with my friend and colleague Dan Stevens, the PR industry, indeed the economy, was very different than it is today. Traditional media reigned supreme, public relations often still bowed to advertising and conventional corporate work environments were still going strong. Social media had yet…

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