7 New Year’s Resolutions

Are you resolving to become more effective in your communications efforts in 2017? So are we. Here are 6 New Year’s resolutions to get you started down the right path. Post with intention. Maybe you increased the frequency of your posting this year. Maybe you increased your following. That’s great. Build on that in 2017…


7 PR and Social Media Habits to Leave Behind in 2016

As we wrap up a surreal year, we gladly say good-bye to the low points and set our sights on resolutions and hopes for the new year. It’s not our place to tell you to add burpees to your fitness routines or do more charity work, but we will definitely be back to share some…


6 Things We Learned By Producing A Podcast in 2016

When the team at Double Forte decided, “We should have a podcast,” we knew we were setting ourselves up for a lot of work, and, a lot of opportunity. Right on both fronts! Everything Speaks, our podcast for people interested in or starting a career in public relations, marketing, or social media, launched in July…

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How-To Transfer Likes From A Facebook Page

              Recently a client asked our team if it was possible to transfer Followers from a personal Facebook page to Likes on a business page. This client leveraged a network of personal connections to grow their business and they wanted their Facebook business page to reflect that. The short…

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