7 Twitter Habits You Should Develop Now

For a while there, we were all talking about Twitter in the past tense. “Twitter used to be my go-to source for news and trends.” “Twitter used to be a place for meaningful conversations.” “In the early days, I made some great connections on Twitter.” Twitter was so 2009 because Instagram was so 2015 and…


9 Things We Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you have a relaxing and peaceful holiday weekend. We have so much to be thankful for here at Double Forte. Here are just a few of those things: Our clients. We are lucky to work with companies and people who inspire us. Our clients drive us to think creatively, work harder,…


Now What? Part 2

One week post election and we, like so many Americans, are still thinking about, “Now what?”  Where do we go from here? What is the best path forward? As we wrote last week, “We have just witnessed an election cycle like we have never seen before…The communication styles and strategies broke all the rules. So, now…


Now What?

Like most of the nation, we at Double Forte are drinking lots of coffee today after a very late night watching the presidential election results and we are wondering, “Now what?” What do the results mean? Where do we go from here? What are the messages, the takeaways, the path forward? These are questions all…

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