5 Ways To Be Irrelevant

In a world where we can’t escape marketing messages even in a restroom stall; where breaking news is no longer a big deal, it’s a given; where celebrities are the ultimate influencers and influencers are the ultimate celebrities; relevance is currency. If you are not relevant, you won’t show up – you can’t even begin…


60 Minutes Tracks Follows to Dollars

This week, 60 Minutes, arguably the standard-bearer of traditional, old-school media, did a segment on the new guard of millennial social media influencers, and for those of us in the biz, it was must-watch TV. How fitting the show aired around the same time DJ Khaled was capturing his son’s birth on Snap. We’ve written…


Going Global: Taking a Page from YouTube’s Playbook

By Sarah McDonough After working with enough brands – and very different brands at that – I don’t feel like I’m going out on a limb by proposing that it’s safe to say most every brand has a common goal of world domination …but you know, in like a fun and positive sort of way. After…


We’ve Launched A Second Podcast: Focus Is Your Friend

We weren’t kidding when we said we love podcasts. We’re having so much fun producing Everything Speaks, our podcast for millennials and young professionals looking for practical, actionable career advice, that we decided to launch another one. We are thrilled to announce, Focus is Your Friend: Double Down on Marketing That Matters. Hosted by Double Forte founder Lee Caraher,…

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