Writing a press release, public relations, communications, sharing business news

How to Write a Successful Press Release

By Ana Cahuas A press release is a powerful tool for sharing your company’s news. In the ever-changing media landscape, the age-old communications strategy also provides the opportunity to control your message and own your story. But how do you write one that truly stands out? It will require a compelling story angle, a clear…

Illustration of fresh vegetables in shopping basket — hand-drawn vector elements

Four Food & Beverage Trends from Natural Products Expo West

By Lauren Trieschmann Last month, our team traveled to Southern California to attend Natural Products Expo West, a five-day event showcasing the latest and greatest in natural food and beverage products. This year’s event saw over 65,000 attendees and more than 3,000 exhibitors from all around the world. If I had to guess how many…

flat cartoon illustration of lifestyle bloggers and influencer campaign partners

Top 5 Tips To A Successful Influencer Campaign

By Mollie Leal Although the social media industry is ever-changing, influencer marketing is a growing industry and a valuable promotional tool for businesses. Shopify reported that 61% of consumers put trust in influencers’ recommendations–far outweighing the 38% who trust branded social media content alone.  According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing market grew to…

Impact "Hot Brands" provide examples of growth in the wine industry

The Wine Industry’s Roadmap for Growth

Reviewing the list of “Hot Brands,” we see three clear themes and trends that these selected brands capitalized on to unlock growth with a younger generation of wine drinkers.

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