Best Practices Guide for Social Media Beginners

By Megan Busch Social media is necessary these days as the world becomes more digital. Everyday consumers trust social media and frequently turn to social platforms for accurate and reliable information from and about businesses. If you’re new to social media and don’t really know how they work or which platforms are best for you…


6 Steps to Social Media Maven-dome

By Natalie Perkins I’ll admit it – as a millennial, I thought that building and maintaining a social media profile for a brand would be a piece-o-cake. I grew up with this stuff, so I thought I’d know how to do it. Just sign up, start posting stuff that looks cool (AKA puppies, brunch, photos…


Hearing it Through the Grapevine: Influencers in Food and Wine

By Jenna Faller I’ve long suspected that journalists and editors, just like me, peruse social media for inspiration. How else can you explain the 1.8M+ hits on Google for Josh Ostrovsky? The Instagram sensation has mastheads below his name including Mashable, Financial Times and Vogue. My suspicions were confirmed (as if I needed more proof) in…


Traditional Media, We Need to Have a Talk

By Lily Discher While traditional media and big placements have a lot of cache in the PR/Marketing universe, you can’t always be sure that they will reach the right. Sometimes, as it happens, less really is more. Reaching for a smaller, but ultimately engaged and impassioned audience is going to move the needle for you.…

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