The Instagram Apocalypse: You Will Survive

As you may have seen, earlier this month Instagram announced they will be testing an algorithm that will organize users’ feeds based on the content they believe users will care about the most. We want to be sure you have the correct information about Instagram’s algorithmic feed change, as well as offer a few recommendations…


Finding Work-Life Balance

 By Sarah McDonough At Double Forte, we work hard to ensure our clients are really happy.  We also work hard to ensure WE are really happy, while keeping our clients really happy. A lot of business leaders and publications are talking about the importance of work-life balance these days. Having worked for a few different…


My name is William Taylor. And I am an introvert.

My name is William Taylor. And I am an introvert. To be clear, I’m actually quite proud of being an introvert. My preference for solitude enables me to concentrate on certain tasks. And while I have no issue in being in large social settings, I take great pleasure in taking a step back and just…


How to Engage with Bloggers

By Lily Discher If you’re serious about getting your product into the hands, minds, and hearts of consumers, you have to get serious about getting your product into the hands and minds of bloggers, too. The best way to do that is to perfect the pitch. Here are 5 tips when working with influencers. Build…

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