R-E-S-P-E-C-T: 3 Tips for Winning at Work

By Kathy Bustos I’m Kathy, and I’m a workaholic. Well, maybe not a workaholic, but I wear a lot of hats at work. In addition to my responsibilities as office manager, I greet people at the front desk, make purchasing decisions, and have my hands in human resources and accounting. Some say I’m a receptionist,…


Five Tips for Planning an Influencer Event

By Emily Greenberg Hosting an influencer* event is a great way to bring a company culture to life and introduce a brand to an audience in a simple and shareable format. Plus, influencer events are an effective way to generate content that can extend beyond the activity and reach a larger audience. Below are five…


7 Rules for Following People on Social Media

Do you think there’s no strategy to who you should follow on social media? Think again. The company we keep matters – in the real word and online. Here are some guidelines for who to follow on social media.  A follow reads like an implicit endorsement. If you’re an organic food company, don’t follow McDonalds.…


Social Media Doesn’t Work: 5 Ways to Change That Fact

“Social media doesn’t work.” We hear it all the time from prospects, and they are right. Social media doesn’t work – if you don’t use it. The  biggest naysayers of social media are the people and brands that don’t use it, or, the people who tried it but quit too soon to reap the rewards. So…

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