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Four Key Takeaways from the 2023 Social Media Marketing World Conference

by Gabriel Muñoz Double Forte went to the 10th annual Social Media Marketing World Conference, where the main topics of conversation were artificial intelligence (AI) and how important TikTok is today, despite questions its parent company faces. The 3-day conference in San Diego brought together creators, influencers, technologists, and experts to collaborate and learn. Our…

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Trendwatch 2023: Pragmatic Realism is the way forward

We like to wait to share our views on general trends for the year. First, by now, some of the prognostications pundits made in December have been proved right or wrong; second, we use the collective intelligence from all of our annual plans for our clients to inform our point of view; and third, we…

4 Ways to Identify your Brand’s Buyer Personas

4 Ways to Identify your Brand’s Buyer Personas

by Julia Nunes Today, with so many dozens of ways to reach people – and for people to receive or find information – the discipline of identifying the target consumer and how and where they discover or seek to be informed is paramount to efficiently inspiring action. At Double Forte we use buyer personas –…

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5 Strategies to Keep Up With Consumer Attitudes

by Ana Cahuas Whether we like it or not, life as we know it is not returning to the pre-2020 routine. Where is the evidence? Consumer behavior. Much has happened globally to shape emerging purchasing attitudes, from working from home to rising inflation. While consumer spending isn’t expected to die down, we can expect it…

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