Travel by Tales: A Summer Book Club

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As a PR agency that prides itself on creativity, we prioritize an eclectic range of knowledge. From English literature to agriculture, our office contains a variety of different academic and professional backgrounds — heck, our CEO studied medieval history in her academic days.

However, saturated in our own work, we can unintentionally become insulated from the breadth of experiences and ideas that live beyond the four walls of our office. The world is too large to experience it all by travel; therefore, we take to books to serve as a proxy for places and experiences unknown to us.

At Double Forte we made our own Summer trip and we plan to travel by tales of fiction and fact. Throughout the summer, we’ll post a new book, followed by our impressions. So, if you have plans to travel this Summer, add us to your itinerary and be sure to let us know how your trip went!