Simple Strategies To Transform Your Content in 2017

January 4, 2017Communication, Digital

Four days into the new year and how are you doing on your new year’s resolutions? Feeling like you might have bit off more than you can chew? Let us help you break it down. Here are simple strategies, per social media platform, to transform your content in 2017. Blog: Reduce the number of times … Read More

How-To Transfer Likes From A Facebook Page

December 7, 2016Digital

              Recently a client asked our team if it was possible to transfer Followers from a personal Facebook page to Likes on a business page. This client leveraged a network of personal connections to grow their business and they wanted their Facebook business page to reflect that. The short … Read More

5 Ways To Be Irrelevant

November 2, 2016Digital

In a world where we can’t escape marketing messages even in a restroom stall; where breaking news is no longer a big deal, it’s a given; where celebrities are the ultimate influencers and influencers are the ultimate celebrities; relevance is currency. If you are not relevant, you won’t show up – you can’t even begin … Read More

Snapchat: Can You See The Future?

September 28, 2016Digital

Snapchat, the social media platform for the younger set, just got cooler, or maybe just younger, or maybe that’s the same thing. The social site, which boasts an estimated 150 million users every day, just changed its name to Snap, and rolled out a new pair of sunglasses called Spectacles. Now before you start with … Read More

Social Media Don’ts

September 7, 2016Digital

  At Double Forte, we spend a lot of time advising people on what to do on social media. Do be consistent. Do be authentic. Do be relevant, etc., etc., etc. But what about the don’ts? What are the things you should never do on social media? There’s the obvious list: don’t be vulgar, don’t … Read More

Announcing the Double Forte Podcast: Everything Speaks

July 26, 2016Content Marketing, Digital

              At Double Forte, we love podcasts. From Serial to  Cliff Ravenscraft, we can’t get enough. No really, we can’t. That’s why we decided to launch our own. We are thrilled to present, Everything Speaks, a podcast for millennials and young professionals looking for practical, actionable career advice. If … Read More

Social Media: The Algorithms Are A Changin’…

July 21, 2016Digital

By Sarah McDonough Social media platforms are constantly evolving 1) to stay technologically current 2) to stay interesting and 3) to earn more revenue. OK, I can’t prove the second one. It’s just my hunch as a skeptical PR pro because, let’s face it, these changes get covered in the news A LOT – everything … Read More

6 Steps to Social Media Maven-dome

May 23, 2016Digital

By Natalie Perkins I’ll admit it – as a millennial, I thought that building and maintaining a social media profile for a brand would be a piece-o-cake. I grew up with this stuff, so I thought I’d know how to do it. Just sign up, start posting stuff that looks cool (AKA puppies, brunch, photos … Read More