Hearing it Through the Grapevine: Influencers in Food and Wine

April 23, 2016Digital, Food & Bev

By Jenna Faller I’ve long suspected that journalists and editors, just like me, peruse social media for inspiration. How else can you explain the 1.8M+ hits on Google for Josh Ostrovsky? The Instagram sensation has mastheads below his name including Mashable, Financial Times and Vogue. My suspicions were confirmed (as if I needed more proof) in … Read More

Traditional Media, We Need to Have a Talk

April 15, 2016Digital

By Lily Discher While traditional media and big placements have a lot of cache in the PR/Marketing universe, you can’t always be sure that they will reach the right. Sometimes, as it happens, less really is more. Reaching for a smaller, but ultimately engaged and impassioned audience is going to move the needle for you. … Read More

The Instagram Apocalypse: You Will Survive

April 1, 2016Digital, Mobile Devices & Apps

As you may have seen, earlier this month Instagram announced they will be testing an algorithm that will organize users’ feeds based on the content they believe users will care about the most. We want to be sure you have the correct information about Instagram’s algorithmic feed change, as well as offer a few recommendations … Read More

My name is William Taylor. And I am an introvert.

March 23, 2016Digital

My name is William Taylor. And I am an introvert. To be clear, I’m actually quite proud of being an introvert. My preference for solitude enables me to concentrate on certain tasks. And while I have no issue in being in large social settings, I take great pleasure in taking a step back and just … Read More

News: Double Forte Doubles Down on Fashion, E-Retail, Food and Technology

February 16, 2016Consumer Products, Consumer Tech, Digital

      Double Forte Doubles Down on Fashion, E-Retail, Food and Technology Mid-size Communications Firm Starts New Year with Major Boost in New Business SAN FRANCISCO, February 16, 2016 – Today Double Forte, a San Francisco-headquartered strategic communications and digital agency, announced the latest clients to join its roster. These companies span the fashion, … Read More

Liz O’Donnell: Don’t be a False Prophet in Your Advertising and Content [Podcast]

January 15, 2016Content Marketing, Digital, Uncategorized

Our very own Liz O’Donnell sits down with Pat Hiban to share her expertise on content management. If you’re interested in how to best leverage content for your brand, stream the podcast below! Topics Covered: The 5 Steps to content strategy creation. How to connect companies to people that matter to them. Importance of Authenticity, Frequency and Consistency. … Read More

7 Rules for Following People on Social Media

September 29, 2015Digital

Do you think there’s no strategy to who you should follow on social media? Think again. The company we keep matters – in the real word and online. Here are some guidelines for who to follow on social media.  A follow reads like an implicit endorsement. If you’re an organic food company, don’t follow McDonalds. … Read More

Social Media Doesn’t Work: 5 Ways to Change That Fact

September 29, 2015Digital

“Social media doesn’t work.” We hear it all the time from prospects, and they are right. Social media doesn’t work – if you don’t use it. The  biggest naysayers of social media are the people and brands that don’t use it, or, the people who tried it but quit too soon to reap the rewards. So … Read More

Own It: 5 Tips for a Smart Owned Media Strategy

September 29, 2015Content Marketing, Digital

A recent Harvard Business Review article states, “If you want to truly be disruptive, it’s time to rethink owned media and make it a more strategic part of your marketing mix.” We couldn’t agree more. Unlike earned or paid media, or social (which many confuse with owned), owned media gives a brand control over its … Read More