Why Employees Who Leave Are Your Greatest Asset

September 4, 2019Career Insight, Millennials

CFO: what happens if we train them and they leave? CEO: what happens if we don’t and they stay?  -business adage Developing a strategic training program is an investment that involves a tremendous amount of time and money–two things many companies don’t have, or, are unwilling to give up. However, implementing a systematic training program … Read More

Improvement Through Inclusion

August 21, 2019Career Insight, Communication, Millennials

Becoming An Upstander, Not A Bystander In Karen Catlin’s book, Better Allies, she addresses the challenges marginalized groups of people face at work, how to spot them along with actionable solutions. In order to do this successfully, Catlin provides practical steps on the path to allyship. Her experience as a woman in tech and years … Read More

Optimizing the Intergenerational Office

August 7, 2019Communication, Millennials

The intergenerational office, a mix of opposing outlooks. Enmeshed in electronics and brandishing college certificates, millennials confront bitter boomers beset by crumbling retirement funds. Economic misfortune has left debt-ridden graduates clamoring out of classrooms and into the same offices where boomers remain, despite having passed their 65-year mark. This is the 21st-century workplace dilemma — … Read More

Double Forte Internships

August 10, 2016Millennials

              Lee Caraher talks with Double Forte Account Coordinator Will Taylor who started with the agency as an Intern. Will shares from his experience on how to rock your internship so you can leverage it into a full time job. His key tips include. Do: If you can’t get … Read More