Communication Strategies in a Post-Truth Era

Just the Facts paper sign

We are living and working in a post-truth era. What does that mean?

The proliferation of fake stories and fake news sites are at an all time high. The term “alternative facts” is an actual thing and we’ll say anything not to use the word lie. We live in a world where social media has made sharing information easier than ever before. We also know social sharers are not terribly discerning. Fifty-nine percent of links shared on social media have never been clicked. And yet, there there is power in creating and sharing content. So, how does this impact how we operate and do our jobs? What are the opportunities for marketers in a post-truth era?

Of course, relevance and resonating are absolutely critical. Building and keeping trust  are obviously non-negotiable. But the real opportunity for brands in a post-truth era is to tell truths. Truths are those things we don’t think we should say out loud but when we do we get nods. “I thought I was the only one who thought that,” people say. Truths are the best brand insights.

The spectrum of honesty and fact has widened. We can’t go back. We can’t spend our time defending and deciphering truth vs. fiction. We can only tell our truths. That’s what really resonates in a post-truth era. That’s our opportunity.