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Double Forte Guide on how to use LinkedIn

Are you or your company using LinkedIn to the fullest of its abilities? It’s a question we ask and assess for many of our clients, and the answer is often “no.” The platform continues to evolve at a fast pace and keeping up with the changes and best practices is a challenge. For any business, LinkedIn can be an important communications channel, and to get the best return from your efforts on the platform, you need to evolve and shift with it.

In the last 21 years, LinkedIn has amassed a base of over 1 billion members in over 200 countries worldwide as the primary professional network for most working individuals and organizations. Given all of the noise on the platform, what is the best way to use LinkedIn to guarantee reach and impressions for your profile or page? We’ve got a few answers for you…

Our LinkedIn Guide

Our team at Double Forte has created a guide on how to use LinkedIn based on our experience personally, professionally, and as communications experts. In this guide we share updated best practices and recommendations on how to get the most out of the platform. When creating LinkedIn strategies for clients, our primary goal is to help brands and thought leaders better communicate with different audiences on LinkedIn in order to build a wider following and connect with their community. We want to help you achieve these goals as well.

We’ve provided a long list of updates and best practices in this guide, including:

  • How to use LinkedIn, including what types of posts and content to share, when to share it, etc.
  • How to make your content effective
  • How to measure your success
  • Managing a business page versus a personal profile and how to maximize each
  • Other features to take advantage of such as LinkedIn Newsletters and LinkedIn Groups

One update that we’ve rolled through all our LinkedIn campaigns is on posting frequency. We recommend posting ONLY once a day, and leaving at least 24 hours between posts. This is because LinkedIn’s algorithm will suppress the potential reach of both of your posts if you post more than once in a 24-hour period. There are nuances to this advice such as re-posting, and we’ve included more details about it in our full guide.

Another key update we’re including in our LinkedIn campaigns is recommending experts take advantage of LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles feature. Focused on thought leadership, Collaborative Articles share question prompts and invite LinkedIn members to contribute their own expertise to articles on various topics. With this feature, as a collaborator, you have the potential to be seen by a much larger audience that is interested in your areas of expertise.

For more insights, read our latest POV: “A Guide to LinkedIn” available for download here for practical advice on how to manage your LinkedIn pages and profiles. If you’re looking for a team to help you with your wider LinkedIn strategy, we are here to help.

By Alexis Karis