How-To Transfer Likes From A Facebook Page

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Recently a client asked our team if it was possible to transfer Followers from a personal Facebook page to Likes on a business page. This client leveraged a network of personal connections to grow their business and they wanted their Facebook business page to reflect that.

The short answer is… it depends. It’s possible to transfer Likes from one business page to another business page. Facebook calls it a page merge and there are only a few restrictions:

  • You can’t transfer friends from a personal Facebook page to Likes on a business page. They’re two different features and they aren’t interchangeable.


  • The reason for using a page merge must be minor – like changing the business name from Warming’s Market to Warming’s General Store. You can’t transfer Facebook Likes to a brand new business venture.
  • Some content, like status updates and pictures, cannot be transferred to a new business page. Download your original content before merging pages.

So, our recommendation is to continue to leverage the power of your network on a personal Facebook page. Then use it as an extension of your business and as a way to drive people to your Facebook business page.

Facebook encourages this separation of church and state by setting up business pages with tools aimed at amplifying your brands’ message. You can boost a post by spending money. You can get insight into what type content is resonating with your audience. And, you have the opportunity to be a Facebook verified business.

If you’re interested in a page merge, CLICK HERE for some easy step by step instructions. Or call us, we’ll walk you through it.