OM icrom

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OMG! Now we have Omicron to watch? As vaccine booster shots become available to more and more people, as many families were able to spend Thanksgiving together again, as travel bookings increase, and just as we’re finally getting together with some of our clients in-person, news of a new COVID variant is rattling the world, travel bans are a thing again, and mask mandates remain fluid, and, confusing.Will this uncertainty ever end? Probably not. So, as we like to say around here (the virtual here, of course), “So what? Now what? “So what do you do to move forward into 2022 with confidence? Flexibility, resiliency and contingency are the name of the game. We’re counseling all of our clients to have a Plan A, and, a Plan B, for all major marketing initiatives. Those three attributes will be the answer to “Now what?” If you have a plan B, when things change, and they will, you can resort to the backup. For every marketing initiative we’re asking things like:

  • Will it work in-person/virtual?
  • Will they come in masks?
  • Can we ship samples?
  • Will the journalists be at home or at the office? Will it matter?

There’s one thing we are certain of in these uncertain times: we are committed to supporting you through this normal, and the next and the next.  Need help building your decision tree for contingency planning, we’re on standby!