Own It: 5 Tips for a Smart Owned Media Strategy


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.12.11 AMA recent Harvard Business Review article states, “If you want to truly be disruptive, it’s time to rethink owned media and make it a more strategic part of your marketing mix.” We couldn’t agree more.

Unlike earned or paid media, or social (which many confuse with owned), owned media gives a brand control over its message and unfiltered access to its constituents. Examples of owned media include your website, blog, newsletter, app and products.

Owned media is the ideal place to build a community, because unlike on social media, you control the “algoritihm” – you decide how your content is served up and how your customers connect to you and each other.

Here are 5 tips to remember when planning your owned media strategy:

  1. You own it but don’t try to control it. Yes, you control the message, but a smart owned strategy encourages customer involvement. Solicit feedback, guest posts and questions.
  2. Map your content to the channel. Your website should answer questions; your blog should raise them.
  3. Seek balance. Audit your owned content; is it mostly marketing messages or do you share a fair amount of editorial? People react to stories differently than they do straight facts. Make sure you have a mix.
  4. Gain influence through influencers. When you interact with industry influencers, you become more influential. Send them your content and share theirs.
  5. Watch your mouth. Find an effective voice and stick to it. Make sure customers know what to expect when they interact with you.