Politics, A Pandemic and PR

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You know those overused words from March and April that none of us ever want to hear again: uncertain and unprecedented? Well we have good news and bad news. The good news: as we head into the final months of this year: they no longer apply.

The bad news: that’s because they will be woefully inadequate to describe what’s to come! As schools open and flu season approaches, the headline dominating 2020 – the global pandemic, will once again run off the front page into the business section, opinion columns, and lifestyle section, displaced only by election coverage in what is anticipated to be …anyone know a good word for beyond uncertain and unprecedented?

But there is more good news: there are a few things of which we can be certain in the coming months, and there is precedent for how communications professionals and brand managers approach the coming months – it’s a mix of change management, crisis communications, and long-term planning.

To help you navigate the media landscape, we’ve created Politics, A Pandemic and PR: A Communications Point of View for Late 2020, a guide for navigating your brand through troubled times. From now through the end of the year, it is more important than ever that you manage your brand and connect to your core audiences with intention, integrity, and relevance.

Download a copy here: Double Forte – Politics, Pandemic and PR- Q42020. Then send us an email so we can help you create a 2021 communications plan that will resonate regardless of the election results.