Catching COVID-19 and Being a Team Player

On Wednesday, November 4, 2020 I woke up just like any other day. Opened up my Slack, Zoom and Outlook and began my media monitoring. But, something didn’t feel right. A searing headache started that I couldn’t shake with any amount of water or Advil. “I’m just being paranoid,” I thought to myself. “I can’t…

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5 Things To Do Now in Your Business As We Flatten The Curve

Since January, we have watched Covid-19 grow to a global pandemic responsible for upending our economy, our workplace, and family life. It’s tested any sense of normalcy, and while we adjust to working from home, we’re balancing deadlines with diaper duty and home-schooling our kids or caring for a loved one from afar, all while…

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Communicating From Home: 5 Tips for Showing Up Well

work from home

As our days working from home stretch out ahead of us (and perhaps our grooming and work habits become a bit lax), what we cannot afford to slack on is our communication. Your work wardrobe may have gone casual, but your communication style absolutely cannot. The current situation: stressful times, fluid information, and distributed teams,…

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Over-Communicate In Fluid Situations

The news on the Coronavirus is like a tsunami for everyone right now. What is it? Who’s at risk? What to do? What not to do? The market volatility spurred by the virus spread and then the Opec-Russia oil dispute isn’t helping things. Next to “Fluid Situation” in the dictionary is this situation.  What do…

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Sometimes Facts Are Better Than Storytelling In Persuasion

Storytelling is all the rage – well it’s always been all the rage, witness Oedipus Rex ,The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Bible, Pride & Prejudice. As a business though, storytelling has come into vogue as the purpose of or method of communication, sometimes to the detriment of communicating.  Strong stories, that are simple, emotional, truthful,…

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Improvement Through Inclusion

Promote better culture through inclusion

Becoming An Upstander, Not A Bystander In Karen Catlin’s book, Better Allies, she addresses the challenges marginalized groups of people face at work, how to spot them along with actionable solutions. In order to do this successfully, Catlin provides practical steps on the path to allyship. Her experience as a woman in tech and years…

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Optimizing the Intergenerational Office

The intergenerational office, a mix of opposing outlooks. Enmeshed in electronics and brandishing college certificates, millennials confront bitter boomers beset by crumbling retirement funds. Economic misfortune has left debt-ridden graduates clamoring out of classrooms and into the same offices where boomers remain, despite having passed their 65-year mark. This is the 21st-century workplace dilemma —…

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Breaking Down Bias and Building Trust

Breaking down bias and building trust

In 2018, a Knight Foundation and Gallup Poll reported that a majority of adults in the U.S. have lost trust in the news media due to perceived bias and inaccuracy in reporting. This is a problem for PR professionals along with the clients we serve. We build reputations for our clients and we build them…

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