5 Tim Ferriss-Inspired Tips for Making 2017 the Best Year Yet

January 18, 2017Career Insight

The last question of the night came from a gentleman sitting smack-dab in the middle of the audience. “For those people who haven’t listened to all of your podcasts, what’s one episode you would recommend to give them a taste?” Tim Ferriss has made it his mission to deconstruct world-class performers to extract their habits, … Read More

How-To Transfer Likes From A Facebook Page

December 7, 2016Digital

              Recently a client asked our team if it was possible to transfer Followers from a personal Facebook page to Likes on a business page. This client leveraged a network of personal connections to grow their business and they wanted their Facebook business page to reflect that. The short … Read More

Now What?

November 9, 2016Writing on the Wall

Like most of the nation, we at Double Forte are drinking lots of coffee today after a very late night watching the presidential election results and we are wondering, “Now what?” What do the results mean? Where do we go from here? What are the messages, the takeaways, the path forward? These are questions all … Read More

Don’t Be A Google Alert

August 22, 2016Career Insight

Adding Value, Cracking SXSW, and Other Pearls of Client Service Wisdom By Lyndsey Besser  “The second a piece of coverage hits, flag it to the client!” I remember being instructed to do this, many moons ago at a very different PR agency that shall remain unnamed. My heart-rate and blood pressure have never fully recovered. … Read More

Double Forte Internships

August 10, 2016Millennials

              Lee Caraher talks with Double Forte Account Coordinator Will Taylor who started with the agency as an Intern. Will shares from his experience on how to rock your internship so you can leverage it into a full time job. His key tips include. Do: If you can’t get … Read More

Announcing the Double Forte Podcast: Everything Speaks

July 26, 2016Content Marketing, Digital

              At Double Forte, we love podcasts. From Serial to  Cliff Ravenscraft, we can’t get enough. No really, we can’t. That’s why we decided to launch our own. We are thrilled to present, Everything Speaks, a podcast for millennials and young professionals looking for practical, actionable career advice. If … Read More

Signing Off in a World That’s Always On

July 11, 2016Communication, Writing on the Wall

By Lyndsey Besser We’ve heard it all before, it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Without it, you’ll burn out and be of no use to yourself, your employer or your clients. But what does that actually look like in a 24/7 news-driven industry like public relations? How do you make sure you sign … Read More

6 Steps to Social Media Maven-dome

May 23, 2016Digital

By Natalie Perkins I’ll admit it – as a millennial, I thought that building and maintaining a social media profile for a brand would be a piece-o-cake. I grew up with this stuff, so I thought I’d know how to do it. Just sign up, start posting stuff that looks cool (AKA puppies, brunch, photos … Read More

Hearing it Through the Grapevine: Influencers in Food and Wine

April 23, 2016Digital, Food & Bev

By Jenna Faller I’ve long suspected that journalists and editors, just like me, peruse social media for inspiration. How else can you explain the 1.8M+ hits on Google for Josh Ostrovsky? The Instagram sensation has mastheads below his name including Mashable, Financial Times and Vogue. My suspicions were confirmed (as if I needed more proof) in … Read More