Four Trends Shaping the Future of Influencer Marketing

Four Trends Shaping the Future of Influencer Marketing with Double Forte

By Catherine Bormann In the last decade influencer marketing has shifted from an experimental tactic for many brands into a primary social media strategy. With over 80% of marketers setting aside specific budgets for influencer partnerships, brands need to produce influencer content that captures consumers’ attention and halts their doom scrolling.  Despite budget cuts amid…

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4 Ways to Generate Buzz and Media Attention at Your Next Event

By: Catherine Bormann 2023 is the year in-person events will make their official comeback, well sort of. One thing is certain, zoom fatigue is real and consumers are ready to experience brands in-person again. In fact, a survey by Event Marketer determined that 83% of Americans said that they miss attending in-person conferences. If brands…

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Taylor Swift Uses Her Influence For Democracy

How you can use your influence for Democracy

Influencer Marketing, as we’ve talked about for, is all the rage in the marketing mix. As we’ve described this freshly-coined “discipline” will definitely evolve but is not going anywhere but up in importance. For brands that means another arrow in the quiver to communicate with audiences new and old — communications is the art of…

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Five Reasons You Should Consider Marketing to the Recreational Athlete

By Heather Hawkins Whether your brand is specifically targeted towards athletes, such as performance nutrition, gear or clothing, or just has an affinity with an active consumer segment, targeting active media and influencers is a great way to reach a highly engaged group of consumers. Here are five reasons you should consider marketing to recreational…

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Five Tips for Planning an Influencer Event

By Emily Greenberg Hosting an influencer* event is a great way to bring a company culture to life and introduce a brand to an audience in a simple and shareable format. Plus, influencer events are an effective way to generate content that can extend beyond the activity and reach a larger audience. Below are five…

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