Four Strategies for Media Relations Success in December

By: Catherine Bormann The season of “Let’s circle back after the holidays” is in full swing. While that sounds appealing, in public relations, where timing is critical, postponing pitching until next year is a significant misstep. In fact, the holiday season offers a strategically timed opportunity for PR professionals to pitch current and future opportunities. …

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What LinkedIn and The Wall Street Journal Have In Common

LInkedIn and WSJ Reporters Both Deliver Audience

The Wall Street Journal is, in media relations world, the holy grail. A neutral-to-positive story on B1 delivers instant awareness among an incredibly tight audience of highly relevant professionals – competitors, investors, and potential investors, partners and market makers – to any business. Back in the day (ok, last Tuesday) when we asked prospective clients…

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LinkedIn: Love It, Learn It, Lean Into It

We are huge fans of LinkedIn here at Double Forte. It is a powerful communications platform that is too often underutilized. There are more than 350 million users worldwide and 40 percent of those users check LinkedIn daily. Learn to master LinkedIn and you can easily standout to peers, prospects, and potential employees. To help…

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